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Biofuels Digest’s 7-minute Guide to the 2015 US Budget

Biofuels Digest has gone through the 2015 Obama budget to pull out the items relevant to biofuels grants, incentives, loans guarantees and R&D support. Check out the guide here.

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The Coming of Age of Life Cycle Assessment?

The Guardian’s take on last year’s LCA conference in Lille, France. The Guardian reports that LCA trends are progressing towards more industry standardization, and that “LCAs [a]re the beating heart of any company’s sustainability journey, and that standards and modern

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Foodstuffs decides to include LCA in all packaging procurement decisions

Environmental watchdog packagingeurope reports that Foodstuffs, formerly criticised for their overpackaging of food products, will include Life Cycle Assessments as part of all future packaging procurement decisions. Full story available here. 

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